Living On Music [Ginger Cowgirl]

Posted By on Mar 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Today we talk with Sam and Stacy from the San Diego based by country act, Ginger Cowgirl.  We find out how each of them got their starts playing music, and about the formation of their band. We talk about how Southern California is a region of transplants, and how the underground love of country music exists in a big way on the west coast, even though this particular style is not always in the forefront.  We talk about their recent trip to Nashville, and what has happened to the genre of country music in recent years. They touch on the aspects of country music that allow it to reserve a warm place in many people’s hearts. Finally we touch on the distribution of music and where this industry seems to be headed as a whole. Enjoy this discussion with Sam and Stacy from the band Ginger Cowgirl.