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Artists / Producers

DJ Who & Paulo da Rosa are a driving force in electronic music. They create a unique live show, blending acoustic and electronic elements. You can catch them regularly at their residencies at Barleymash, Vin De Syrah, Sidebar, and at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. This 4th of July, catch them at Barleymash in San Diego. Enjoy the podcast.

Links: https://soundcloud.com/whoandpaulodarosa


Recording Artist / Producer

Today we talked with Jerik Centeno, creator of the local San Diego indie kaleidoscopic pop group, Small Culture. We recently played a show at The Casbah with him, and they absolutely tore the roof off the place. Jerik’s story is interesting. His group, Small Culture started as a two piece in a small performance space in Hawaii. Now the members have made their way across the water to San Diego and have taken on new instrumentalists. We discuss Jerik’s writing process, and where he draws inspiration in order to make new music. Lots of talk about some of our favorite musicians and discussion of trends in the music performance industry. Listen to small culture at SmallCulture.bandcamp.com and catch Jerik and his group this Friday for their Cinco De Mayo performance at The OB Template.

Links: www.facebook.com/SmallCulture/


Singer / Recording Artist

Today we were lucky to talk with Ms. Eve Selis. This one is full of information for artists of all types. We touched on marketing your music across all mediums, and which ones seem to have the highest return. Eve emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships within the group, and allowing everyone to shine during onstage live performance. Her biggest point that came up over and over, was that you should be your authentic self across all areas. This is what will lead to success and growth every time. Enjoy this episode with Ms. Eve Selis.

Links: www.eveselis.com



Today’s podcast is with Tim “Figg” Newton, a virtuoso on the drum set. We were able to talk with him about what makes a great musician in general, and how he became a working drummer. In 2008, he was runner up at the 20th Annual Guitar Center Drumoff. You can check him out on Gospel chops, or with the band, The Earful, among many other groups he plays with. Tim is constantly gigging around the country and abroad. He and Phil really went down the percussion wormhole in this one, so if you are a drummer or percussionist, this is the podcast for you. He was even kind enough to perform a drum solo for us on his very own custom made kit from Vessel Drum Co. in Encinitas. This was a great conversation with Tim “Figg” Newton. Please enjoy.

Links: Official Website


Indie-Country Honkey Tonk

Today we talk with Sam and Stacy from the San Diego based by country act, Ginger Cowgirl.  We find out how each of them got their starts playing music, and about the formation of their band. We talk about how Southern California is a region of transplants, and how the underground love of country music exists in a big way on the west coast, even though this particular style is not always in the forefront.  We talk about their recent trip to Nashville, and what has happened to the genre of country music in recent years. They touch on the aspects of country music that allow it to reserve a warm place in many people’s hearts. Finally we touch on the distribution of music and where this industry seems to be headed as a whole. Enjoy this discussion with Sam and Stacy from the band Ginger Cowgirl.

Links: https://www.gingercowgirl.com


Live Music Liaisons

Today we have a lively episode with our good friends Laura and Teddy who work at San Diego’s own, Patricks Gaslamp Pub in the middle of downtown’s Gaslamp district. Patrick’s hosts live music every single day of every single week. If you should venture into their bar, there is a good chance you will be greeted at the door by Teddy and subsequently served a drink by Laura. We had a lovely discussion about what it’s like to work in an often rowdy live music scene. Teddy and Laura share just some of their war stories from working in such a crazy place full of spirited guests. They also offer their advice on how to build rapport with a bartender, and how not to get escorted out the front door by a bouncer. So check out the episode, and make sure to swing by Patrick’s for a grab em by the pussy shot.

Links: Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub


Hip-Hop Artist

Today’s podcast is with the one, and the only, Thomas California; a HipHop artist residing not only in San Diego, but also all across the U.S.  He recently completed a 10-stop tour which he booked and then performed himself.  This process was chronicled in his Tour Vlogs which are available for streaming on Youtube. Search Thomas California, The Driven Tour.  His latest Album, “Sanguine” is available at ThomasCalifornia.com and his brand new album entitled “A Gift For You” will drop this Thursday, February 16th everywhere music is sold or streamed.  Check out Thomas California’s music and enjoy the podcast.

Links: Thomas California



Our guest tonight is Astra Kelly, one of San Diego’s most prolific singer-songwriters.  Astra Kelly has seemingly been involved in every facet of the music industry.  She has been studio manager at four different studios across the country, and is getting ready to release a brand new studio album.  She teaches people skills for songwriting and singing correctly.  She recently returned from a tour up and down the west coast and is constantly updating her list of upcoming gigs.  In fact, you can see her perform next Wednesday, February 15th at the Tipsy Crow in Downtown San Diego.  Enjoy our conversation with Miss Astra Kelly.

Links: www.astrakelly.com


Engineer / Musician

Today’s podcast is with Bryan Prusiensky, guitarist of the surf-rock / reggae fusion group, Tape Heads, who you can find playing all around San Diego.  In fact, they are playing this very Saturday, February 4th (2017) at Blonde Bar in Mission Hills!  Go there!  Bryan also works doing live sound all around San Diego and has even shown up behind the soundboard at one of our Headphone shows by sheer tyranny of happenstance.  In this podcast, we talk with Bryan Prusiensky about traveling to land locked cities and bringing So Cal’s beach vibes inland. We get a sound man’s opinion on the best local groups in SD, and some advice to players performing in a live setting.  We discuss his home drum recording set up and how to get a good sound even in a smaller space.  We talk about gravity, mass, the law of attraction and how the universe is vast and indifferent.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/tapeheadssd/


Booking Agent / Engineer

If you are a musician in the San Diego area, there is a very good chance you have interacted with today’s guest.  The following is a conversation we had with Mr. Chris Holloway.  Chris is a man with many hats, a man who has countless jobs from the moment he wakes up until he lays his head on the pillow at night, and every one of these jobs is in the music industry.  He does not sleep, but rather works scheduling tours at a national talent agency, engineering in several studios, overseeing rehearsal suites, and doing live sound all around the city.  He has great advice for bands performing at live venues.  He will slap your face and then read a book.  Please enjoy this very lively podcast with Chris Holloway.

Links: https://www.mztributes.com


Recording Artist

Today’s episode is with the one and only Mike Pinto, who has had extreme success with his self-composed music and shows no sign of slowing down. We joined him in his serene home on the outskirts of Eugene Oregon where he lives with his lady and his rather affectionate pit bull. Mike told us about getting a business degree and immediately pursuing a music career, and how he is examining the musical landscape in order to calculate his next chess moves. He has almost realized his goal of playing in all 50 states, and boasts some impressive stats on Spotify. Make sure to look up Mike Pinto as soon as possible. He made it clear that the most important thing an artist can do is enjoy the process of growth and seek happiness along the way, instead of always looking up to the next level. To all of us in Headphone, this was one of the most meaningful conversations we’ve had. It felt like we were getting advice from a true guru in the industry. Enjoy our conversation with Mike Pinto.

Links: https://www.mikepintomusic.com


Musician [Snow Angel, Les Claypool’s Fancy Band]

This week, we spoke with Gabby Lala in her Oakland home whilst on the road in San Francisco.  This was recorded just before we shared the stage with her band, Snow Angel.  We talk about her experiences recording and performing with Les Claypool, the work involved with creating new artist branding from scratch, and the formation of Snow Angel, her all-female psych-pop band.  We discussed Gabby’s writing process, the development of her pristine audiovisual material, and the idea that being a musician is very hard work, but if done right, should come off as effortless. She has a unique position and view on the music industry, so please enjoy our conversation with Gabby Lala.

Links: https://snowangel.bandcamp.com/


Band (Portland, OR)

This week, we spoke with Nick Hamel and Milo Fultz of the highly-talented Portland-based three-piece band, Hands Like Sticks.  We discuss the idea of purposely including space for improvisation during the writing process, and improvisation as a skill.  Nick told us about his experiences busking in the New York City subways and how he gradually accepted his musical voice through experimentation.  They gave us their tips for performing well in a live environment and some bands that they feel are bringing jazz and improvisational music to the forefront of more pop-oriented music scenes.  We had a lot of fun recording this one.  Check out their music on bandcamp and now, please enjoy our podcast with Nick Hamel and Milo Fultz from Hands Like Sticks.

Links: https://handslikesticks.bandcamp.com/


Artist / Epixx Media Group

This week, we got the chance to sit down and discuss the current state of the hiphop industry with Mr. Eddie Brock of the Epixx Media Group in Bakersfield, CA. You can find his work by visiting EddieBrock661.com Truth Ali joins us. We discussed The Epixx audiovisual production studio which was positively abuzz with activity during our recording. We talk about the merits and perception of sampling, media distribution, how to get noticed in the massive sea of voices, and hiphop’s unique challenges for live performance. Eddie underlines the importance of working with a well-functioning team instead of going at it alone. This one could have gone on for hours, and is info-packed. Enjoy this episode with Mr. Eddie Brock.

Links: www.theepixxmediagroup.com/


Parade of Horribles / Punk Rock Food Drive

Today we have a very special podcast with Jason York of the band, Parade of Horribles.  Jason is serving up a giant platter of love to the San Diego Music Scene with The Punk Rock Food Drive.  Check it out at PunkRockFood.com  This event has been going on for the last 8 years and is responsible for 74,000 meals.  On the podcast we talk about his writing process and overcoming resistance in the creative process.  We discuss bands that continue to innovate well into their maturity, and focusing on groove instead of flashy quick playing.  We even touch on Buddhism, meditation tanks and receiving information from the vast ether inside of a flotation tank.  You can check out Jason’s band, Parade of Horribles at POHMusic.com

Links: www.pohmusic.com


Front Man of Choirs

We recorded this episode while on the road in Bakersfield, CA hanging out with Joel Brewer of the band CHOIRS.  You can hear their music on their bandcamp page: CHOIRSofficial.bandcamp.com .  Please look them up.  Joel is an incredible frontman, singer and truly an interesting person.  We talk about the inception of CHOIRS, his personal development as an artist, the softening of language in our culture, the importance of edgy and even dark humor.  What goes through a frontman’s head just before taking the stage?  This is episode is not for the overly sensitive, but then again, life is not for the overly sensitive.  Joel, like the band he plays in, is never boring.  Enjoy this one.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/choirsofficial/


DJ / Producer

On this episode, we speak with Jose Delira.  You can see him performing solo as DJ Who or in collaboration with Paulo Da Rosa.  He can be booked through Sleeping Giant Music.  He performs in San Diego, Las Vegas and Worldwide.  We were lucky enough to catch him on a rare night off in San Diego.  We recorded this episode around the dinner table where we had more than a few beers and more than a little fun.  We can’t wait to have him back in the future.

Links: www.djwho.biz/


Recording Artist / Producer

This week, we speak with Fernando Perdomo at Reseda Ranch Studios in Los Angeles.  Fernando is one of the most accomplished musicians we know.  We talk about his early days touring with Spanish artists in Florida, and his move to L.A. and getting established into the scene there.  We got his opinion on how good music is created, and the where the music industry is headed as a whole.  You can look for Fernando playing with acts such as Cat Power, Jakob Dylan, Beck, Fiona Apple and of course his own solo record.

Links: www.fernandoperdomo.com/



We speak with Emmy Award-winning artist Ron Franklin. Ron has worked as a college professor of music, performer of classical music and Rock N Roll and as a technical consultant in recording studios. He told us many of his experiences working with legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder among others. Ron is a great example of a creative type who has found success in almost every corner of the industry for decades. We were lucky enough to sit down and listen to some of his stories.

Links: https://www.reverbnation.com/ronfranklin



We recorded this episode in Phil’s living room.  There are not enough microphones for everyone in the room and a delivery man drops by at one point.  We talk with Chy and Molly Mess and their new drummer Steve from Some Kind of Nightmare.  They’ve been on the road for nearly three years straight, stopping just long enough for Molly to beat breast cancer and to save up for a new tour van.  They are the perfect example of the raw determination it takes to succeed, moving across the country to take the band to the next level, living in a van for three years of almost non-stop touring, and self-funding several albums.  If you have any interest in making a career in music or you just want to peer into the world of a band on tour, this is going to be a fascinating episode for you.

Links: www.facebook.com/somekindofnightmareband/


Hip Hop Artist

In this episode, we speak with hiphop lyricist and producer, Truthammad Ali. Truth has been featured in music videos with Cyhi the Prynce, Royce Da 5’9”, and KXNG CROOKED of Slaughterhouse. He is also the founder of School of Genius Academy. Morgan and Truth have produced songs together on Truth’s newest album, Joshua Trees. We talk about the inspiration to and meaning behind many of the lyrics on that album and the challenges he has overcome to be a successful artist in the modern era. Truth will be dropping a new album, THE WONDER YEARS on November 8th..

Links: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealTruthAli/


Artist / Owner of Music Zirconia Agency

Brent is one of the owners of Magnatron Studios and Music Zirconia, a talent agency specializing in tribute bands. We talk about the change from big studios and labels to home studios and the DIY culture that currently pervades music.

Links: www.mztributebands.com


Performing Artist

Lauren is our good friend and lead singer of the band, R-Kive. Lauren shares with us her experience making the transition into a full time performer, entertainer and musician.

Links: www.rkiveband.com


Sound Engineer / Iacon Studios

Frank is an experienced sound engineer, studio owner and teacher who has worked with top recording and performing acts. Frank is also the lead singer of the metal band Unset.

Links: www.iaconsound.comwww.unsetband.com