Living On Music [Jerick Centeno]

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Living On Music [Jerick Centeno]

Today we talked with Jerik Centeno, creator of the local San Diego indie kaleidoscopic pop group, Small Culture. We recently played a show at The Casbah with him, and they absolutely tore the roof off the place. Jerik’s story is interesting. His group, Small Culture started as a two piece in a small performance space in Hawaii. Now the members have made their way across the water to San Diego and have taken on new instrumentalists. We discuss Jerik’s writing process, and where he draws inspiration in order to make new music. Lots of talk about some of our favorite musicians and discussion of trends in the music performance industry. Listen to small culture at and catch Jerik and his group this Friday for their Cinco De Mayo performance at The OB Template.

Living on Music [Eve Selis]

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Living on Music [Eve Selis]

Today we were lucky to talk with Ms. Eve Selis. This one is full of information for artists of all types. We touched on marketing your music across all mediums, and which ones seem to have the highest return. Eve emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships within the group, and allowing everyone to shine during onstage live performance. Her biggest point that came up over and over, was that you should be your authentic self across all areas. This is what will lead to success and growth every time. Enjoy this episode with Ms. Eve Selis.

Living On Music [Tim “Figg” Newton]

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Living On Music  [Tim “Figg” Newton]

Today’s podcast is with Tim “Figg” Newton, a virtuoso on the drum set.   We were able to talk with him about what makes a great musician in general, and how he became a working drummer.  In 2008, he was runner up at the 20th Annual Guitar Center Drumoff.  You can check him out on Gospel chops, or with the band, The Earful, among many other groups he plays with.  Tim is constantly gigging around the country and abroad.  He and Phil really went down the percussion wormhole in this one, so if you are a drummer or percussionist, this is the podcast for you.  He was even kind enough to perform a drum solo for us on his very own custom made kit from Vessel Drum Co. in Encinitas.  This was a great conversation with Tim “Figg” Newton.  Please enjoy.


Living On Music [Ginger Cowgirl]

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Living On Music [Ginger Cowgirl]

Today we talk with Sam and Stacy from the San Diego based by country act, Ginger Cowgirl.  We find out how each of them got their starts playing music, and about the formation of their band. We talk about how Southern California is a region of transplants, and how the underground love of country music exists in a big way on the west coast, even though this particular style is not always in the forefront.  We talk about their recent trip to Nashville, and what has happened to the genre of country music in recent years. They touch on the aspects of country music that allow it to reserve a warm place in many people’s hearts. Finally we touch on the distribution of music and where this industry seems to be headed as a whole. Enjoy this discussion with Sam and Stacy from the band Ginger Cowgirl.

Living On Music [Laura and Teddy]

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Living On Music  [Laura and Teddy]

Today we have a lively episode with our good friends Laura and Teddy who work at San Diego’s own, Patricks Gaslamp Pub in the middle of downtown’s Gaslamp district.  Patrick’s hosts live music every single day of every single week.  If you should venture into their bar, there is a good chance you will be greeted at the door by Teddy and subsequently served a drink by Laura.  We had a lovely discussion about what it’s like to work in an often rowdy live music scene.  Teddy and Laura share just some of their war stories from working in such a crazy place full of spirited guests.  They also offer their advice on how to build rapport with a bartender, and how not to get escorted out the front door by a bouncer.  So check out the episode, and make sure to swing by Patrick’s for a grab em by the pussy shot.